360 Degree Virtual Tours

We can create high quality virtual tours that immerse the user in a seamless 360 degree visual environment that offers far more impact than static images, all without the user leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Ideal for industries where location or environment are an important part of the sales process, Virtual Tours are the most powerful and effective way to take your products, location or facilities directly to your potential customers.

Sample JPEG image of the Riverview Hotel - comprising 6 vertical images, each at 12.4 megapixels giving an extra-high resolution image

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Below is a multiple sample tour.

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Ideally suited to Real Estate, Display Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Conference and Function Venues, Showrooms, Exhibitions, Tourism Locations, Stadium and Theatre Seating - Imagine the Possibilities.

We can also build professional custom user interfaces for presenting the tours that matches your existing website, or we can just provide the virtual tours on their own - the choice is yours.

You can use Panoramic photographs to show off a range of products or provide site visitors with a tour of your showroom and offices.

  • Are your web pages looking tired and lifeless?
  • Do they make your property, university, restaurant look dull?
  • Are you losing business because your website looks staid and boring?

360 Tour Samples

These sample tours can be customised to your needs and inserted into your existing site or we can set it up as a stand alone page

Your website is your shop window

Visitors will spend under 5 seconds seeing if your site appeals to them. So why not bring it to life with 360 virtual tour photography.

360 virtual tours make your customers feel that they can almost touch what you are offering and this is very important in getting them to buy.

What will I get?

360 panoramic virtual tour images will breathe life into your tired pages. The visions created make your visitors feel they are really there!

Research shows that once 360 virtual tour photography is working on your website, your visiting clients will find your message almost irresistible.

What will my clients get?

People want to see exactly what they’re going to get. They might not be able to experience this first hand but 360 Spin offers them the very best alternative and provides them with a powerful inducement to buy.

Virtual Tours with everything you can imagine

  • Integrating images, maps and plans with hotspots, creates a virtual walkthrough effect. You can even link still photo to still photo, to easily create a simple interactive eBrochure.
  • Apply music and voiceovers to all images, as well as hotspot sounds
  • Virtual movies for a one-click guided tour, where visitors can playback the tour as if it were a video, stopping at any point to explore the tour manually.

Interactive maps/plans with directional compass

Panoramas, photos and slideshows can be linked to maps and plans, to create an interactive plan, allowing visitors to navigate the area by simply clicking on the area within the map that they wish to visit.

In addition, the radar/compass effect, displays the user's viewing direction on the floorplan, syncronised with the panning of the panorama.

Music, sound and voice overs

Add background music, ambient sounds or voiceovers to any image, as well as sound effects or narration to hotspots within panoramas and still photos.

With Flash MP3 support and java supporting all main sound formats including MP3, AU, ASF, AIFF and WAV, you can create a truly multimedia presentation.

View on more browsers

Cross-browser compatibility is a critical issue for all virtual tour providers - your customers and end users demand it. For maximum visibility, your virtual tours need to be designed to be seen on a Mac, a PC or even a Unix box.

Tours produced by us are designed to function correctly in all popular browsers for maximum compatibility on users systems, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Apple Mac (Safari).

Virtual Tours can be in either Java, Flash or Quicktime formats. Java format tours usually requires no plug-in to be downloaded before being able to view the tour and are ideal for low bandwidth (dial-up modem) internet applications. Quicktime tours requires Apple Quicktime (free download) to be installed before being able to view the tours and are ideal for high bandwidth (broadband) internet connection offering a Higher Resolution, larger screen size (including full screen) virtual tours and are also ideal for High Resolution CD-ROM applications.

With Virtual Tours, the user clicks and drags their mouse inside the image to look around in a 360 degree view. "Hotspots" can also be incorporated that when clicked, can take the user to a different location within the tour or to provide additional information. Where appropriate, interactive floor plans can also be incorporated with "Hotspots" embedded within them allowing the user to select different areas within the tour and also giving them a sense of direction.